Dog Essentials for Colder Weather

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Keep Your Dog Warm With Jackets, Fleece Beds & More

Find all the cold-weather essentials your dog needs in a single convenient collection—Orvis has the right beds, jackets, blankets, and more to keep her warm. A fleece-lined memory foam dog bed not only gives your companion cozy comfort, but it also offers the orthopedic support she needs. For wintry excursions outdoors, add an extra protective layer for her with a comfortable fleece dog jacket or raincoat, and safeguard her paw pads from dangerous ice melting chemicals with a sturdy set of traction shoes, also helpful to keep her from slipping and damaging precious hip joints. She’ll stay more visible on excursions in the waning light of winter’s shorter days wearing a collar equipped with LED lights, available here in different styles and configurations. For travel or extra padding on the sofa, rely on a warm, quilted seat or furniture protector—you won’t find a better version of these products than the ones we offer. Stock up on these and other cold-weather essentials for dogs and be prepared for the snowy, bracing winter months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my dog in cold weather?

Dog jackets and booties provide excellent protection for dogs in cold weather. If your dog is a larger breed or has a coat that can handle cold temperatures naturally, he may not need extra protection. But if you’re taking him into extreme conditions, or your dog is a small or thin-coated breed, then a jacket and booties offer the extra protection he needs to stay warm.

Should my dog wear a jacket in winter?

Your dog should wear a jacket in winter if he is a small, short haired, or thin-bodied breed. Senior or chronically ill dogs may also need extra insulation in cold temperatures. Consult your veterinarian if you’re considering whether your dog needs a rain jacket, life vest, or warm coat for winter adventures.

What are the warmest dog beds?

Our warmest dog beds are fleece lined to hold heat around your dog’s body.

Do dogs need extra blankets in winter?

If you live in a cold climate, then your dog probably needs extra blankets to help stay warm in winter. Small dogs or dogs with thin bodies or short coats need extra blankets when temperatures drop, even if you live in a mild or temperate climate.

Can the cold hurt dogs paws?

Cold hurts dogs’ paws to varying degrees depending on the dog and the conditions. While most larger breeds handle cold and snow just fine, prolonged exposure to cold can dry out dog’s pads which may lead to painful cracking. And some large breeds are sensitive to cold, so be sure to do your research before assuming your big fella can handle a long day of romping in icy woods. Cold-averse dogs like Chihuahuas, Whippets, and French Bulldogs will be uncomfortable walking on frozen ground and should wear booties if they’ll tolerate them. The biggest threat cold poses to dogs’ paws comes from deicing agents used on sidewalks and roads. These usually contain a harmful chemical that can irritate or burn your dog’s paw pads.