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A collection of photos and an old bamboo rod on a battered wood table

In gear closets, shelves, sheds, and mudrooms across the world are Orvis heirlooms

held onto by Orvis Associates, guides, and brand fans alike. Handed down, coveted, and lovingly cared for, these icons of decade-old fishing adventures, cross-country road trips, paddling missions, and shoreline dog walks hold the memory of our experiences and weave a storyline that evolves from one generation to the next.

Ashley Smith, wearing a backpack, plays with her children on the shore

Giving for Generations: Ashley’s Backpack

A portrait of Ashley Smith, looking downward

Ashley Eady Smith

Ashley is a bilingual tax attorney, thought-leader, group cohesion expert, writer, public speaker, and co-founder of the Minority Outdoor Alliance.

Ashley Smith hugs her laughing children in a coastline alcove
“It’s not just the backpack, it’s the memories that are made.”

In this spirit, we’ve curated a collection of gifts we hope you’ll love and use in creating your own memories—and when the time is right, hand down to family or friends, so that the story may continue on.

Give the Gift of Adventure

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This holiday season, remember your gift helps celebrate the adventure and wonder in nature, now and for years to come.

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Two anglers in full winter gear trudge through thee deep snow to the water

This holiday, watch more Giving for Generations videos featuring the caretakers of cherished Orvis items.