Saltwater Fly-Fishing Collection

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Tarpon Toad - CHARTREUSE
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Sparkle Minnow - CHARTREUSE Sparkle Minnow - PINK Sparkle Minnow - BLUE Sparkle Minnow - GRAY Sparkle Minnow - BROWN
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Flexo Crab - WHITE Flexo Crab - TAN Flexo Crab - OLIVE
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Orvis Tarpon Bunny - PURPLE Orvis Tarpon Bunny - CHARTREUSE Orvis Tarpon Bunny - TAN Orvis Tarpon Bunny - BLACK
Gain valuable fly-fishing insight at our three-day Orvis Lowcountry Saltwater Fishing School.
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Bonefish Gotcha - TAN TAILING Bonefish Gotcha - TAN SHALLOW Bonefish Gotcha - TAN DEEP Bonefish Gotcha - PINK SHALLOW
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Lefty’s Deceiver - YELLOW/RED Lefty’s Deceiver - CHARTREUSE Lefty’s Deceiver - BLUE/WHITE Lefty’s Deceiver - OLIVE WHITE Lefty’s Deceiver - BLACK
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Orvis Hydros® Reels - BLACK Orvis Hydros® Reels - SILVER Orvis Hydros® Reels - MATTE GOLD Orvis Hydros® Reels - MATTE OLIVE Orvis Hydros® Reels - ICE BLUE
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Orvis PRO Wading Boots -
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PRO Approach Shoes - STORM PRO Approach Shoes - CAMOUFLAGE
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PRO BOA® Wading Boots - SHADOW


For saltwater fly fishing, you need a sturdy rod and reel, like our Helios rod with a Hydros reel, plenty of saltwater flies, and clothing designed to block harmful sun rays, dry quickly, and wick away moisture. You’ll find all the gear you need for saltwater fly fishing at Orvis.

We designed the Helios fly rod for the experienced angler who demands precision and accuracy with every cast. Find the Helios 3D and 3F here as well as budget-friendly options in fly rods from our Recon and Clearwater lines. Choose a full saltwater fly-fishing outfit, or pair your existing rod or rods with our Mirage, Hydros, Clearwater, or Battenkill fly reel. These reels offer the size and strong drag essential for casting to and hauling in big saltwater gamefish. Explore options in fly line with the correct density, taper, and stiffness for saltwater environments. Our PRO saltwater fly line offers optimal performance for targeting tropical gamefish in hot weather and warm water.

Choose a 9’ fly rod for saltwater fishing.

The best weight for a saltwater fly rod depends on the target species. A 6wt, 7wt, or 8wt will get the job done for inshore species up to about 10 pounds. These are good weight rods for the flats. A 9wt rod makes a good choice for larger fish in bays or lighter offshore fishing, but choose a 10wt if you’re fishing offshore for kingfish or cobia. For tarpon, larger jacks, or sharks, choose 11wt or 12wt. 

Use a designated saltwater reel for saltwater fly fishing. Saltwater reels are designed to withstand the corrosive effects of salt, and they offer the appropriate drag. The Orvis Hydros reel is an excellent saltwater fly-fishing reel.

You need a saltwater reel size that matches the weight of your target species and your rod weight. So, if you have a 9wt rod, use a 9wt reel.

Our best selling saltwater flies include the Clouser Minnow, Lefty’s Deceiver, Crazy Charlie, any of the Chocklett’s patterns, and the Merkin Crab.

Dress for sun protection, cooling, and comfort while saltwater fly fishing. Our PRO Sun Hoodie and Crew boast a UPF 50+ rating for maximum protection from the punishing tropical sun, and they’re made in a performance fabric to promote rapid evaporation and impressive cooling. Our Sun Skiff pants offer the same protection from the sun with just-right stretch built in for comfort and mobility. Ultralight Wading Boots come in men’s and women’s sizes and offer a lighter-weight option ideal for a saltwater fishing environment. The women’s and men’s Ultralight Convertible Waders feature an innovative 4-layer waterproof breathable nylon shell, also perfectly suited for saltwater conditions. The popular Christmas Island Bootie and PRO Approach Shoe allow you to walk in warm water without waders while keeping your feet protected. You’ll also find fly-fishing outerwear suited to the rigors of saltwater fishing, including the waterproof and packable Ultralight Storm Jacket.

Wear polarized sunglasses for fly fishing, preferably with UV protection, scratch-resistant lenses, and a lightweight, comfortable frame.

Saltwater Fly-Fishing Clothing & Gear

Our Saltwater Collection includes fly-fishing clothing and gear ideal for fishing the flats, deep sea, or surf. We offer peerless Helios 3D fly rods, saltwater flies, and reliable seaworthy sunglasses from brands like Costa for more productive days in saltwater environments. Our collection also includes all the saltwater fly-fishing reels and line you need to cast to your favorite species, along with field-tested clothing ideal for saltwater fishing. Leader and tippet can spell success or failure in fly fishing. Trust our Absolute Saltwater and Predator Toothy Fish leader to give you the strength you need to net feisty saltwater game species. Round out your kit with the best flies for saltwater fly fishing, tied to imitate tasty gamefish prey from around the world. If you’re yearning for your next fly-fishing adventure, explore the trips and schools in our Saltwater Collection. We offer fly-fishing trips to Belize for the angler driven to target bonefish, permit, tarpon, and other saltwater species. Enroll in an Orvis fly-fishing school and learn how to cast to multiple saltwater species in a single week. We offer opportunities to learn or to improve your skills at fly-fishing schools in Belize and on the East Coast in the Florida Everglades or the South Carolina Lowcountry. Join us for an unforgettable saltwater fly-fishing getaway.