Caesar Guerini Shotgun for Sale: Guerini Ellipse EVO Light Weight

Guerini Ellipse EVO Light Weight
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At 5½ pounds, the new EVO Light Weight is truly in a class by itself. It is the first and only alloy frame, round body over-and-under. Based on the award winning Ellipse EVO, the new Light features an action machined from a solid forging of Ergal-55, which provides high strength with half the weight of titanium. The breach face is reinforced with stainless-steel firing pin bushings to ensure the ultimate in durability.

Weight and strength are not the only revolutionary features of the world's only ultralight round body over-and-under shotgun. It has unmatched engraving detail and contrast never before achievable on an alloy frame. High-tech materials create unique challenges. Guerini's new 5-step engraving process allows them to achieve an ultra high-end result. At Caesar Guerini, the vision is traditional products reinvented and improved with modern technology, and the Ellipse Evo Light is a result of this philosophy.

Orvis Exclusive: Ellipse EVO Light Weight Shotgun from Caesar Guerini
Caesar Guerini Ellipse EVO Shotgun for sale exclusively at the Orvis Gunroom.

Key Gun Features

  • Round body action made of the high-grade Ergal-55 alloy.
  • Stainless steel breech inserts.
  • 28" barrels with solid-tapered top rib and solid mid ribs.
  • Prince-of-Wales style gun stock and rounded forend.
  • Full-coverage ornamental scroll engraving.
  • Alloy forend iron.
  • Deluxe-grade Turkish Walnut stock and forend.


EVO Light

EVO Light

Gauge 20 28
Barrel Length 28"(71cm) 28"(71cm)
Average Weight* 5 lbs. 7oz. 5lbs. 5oz.
Receiver Finish Nickel Alloy finish with Invisalloy™
protective finish
Nickel Alloy finish with Invisalloy™
protective finish
Stock Finish Hard-rubbed oil Hard-rubbed oil
Checkering 26 lines per inch 26 lines per inch
Recoil Pad Wood butt plate Wood butt plate
Chamber 3" 2¾"
Top Rib 8-6mm tapered solid rib 8-6mm tapered solid rib
Center Rib Non-ventilated Non-ventilated
Forcing Cones Standard Standard
Average Barrel Weight 28" - 1.26kg (2.77lbs.) 28" - 1.18kg (2.60lbs.)
Average Bore .626, chrome-lined .554, chrome-lined
Chokes 5 nickel-plated, flush-fitting chokes 5 nickel-plated, flush-fitting chokes
Sight(s) Brass front bead Brass front bead
Forend Rounded Rounded
Trigger Single (selective optional) Single (selective optional)
Safety Manual (automatic as an option) Manual (automatic as an option)
Accessories Choke wrench and case Choke wrench and case
Case Plastic hard case with fit interior and
combination locks
Plastic hard case with fit interior and
combination locks

* Weights may vary based on wood density.
Ellipse EVO Light Weight: Specs Ellipse EVO Light Weight: Key Features