We’re proud to introduce our new online rod repair tool, providing US customers with the fastest, most convenient way to get their broken graphite or fiberglass repair in motion. Please click here to get started. For repairs outside the US, please answer the questions below and we can get the process underway.

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We will be happy to repair your guaranteed rod. If we are not able to repair it, we will replace your rod with a comparable model. If your rod is not covered by our 25 year guarantee, we will contact you with the cost if we are able to repair it, or let you know if we are unable to repair it.

Sentimental Rod? If this rod carries great sentimental value and the idea of us sending you a newer model replacement rod and destroying your broken rod is unacceptable (we understand as we all have our own), please check the box. If we are unable to repair your rod, we will contact you to discuss your options.

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* I understand that there is a $60.00 handling fee on rod repairs covered by the 25 year guarantee, plus Streamline, Frequent Flyer and Encounter series rods. I also understand that work will begin on my repair once I call Orvis Customer Service at 800-548-9548 to provide a credit card number, or upon receipt of my check.