A woman kneeling on the grass next to her puppy

Communication in Dog Training

Bridging the Human & Canine Communication Gap

Our canine companions live a life in a world that was not built for them. Humans and canines have a large communication barrier. With this barrier, we tend to leave the responsibility of translating needs, wants, and intentions for the dogs to figure out. We aren’t aiding them as much as we should in their efforts to communicate with us.   


Training is best described as building a bond and a new line of communication with your dog. It’s not about party tricks or impressing your friends. Rather, we are helping them develop life skills that will aid them in being great canine citizens in their human world. 


This is the best way you can spoil your dog… being able to effectively communicate with them in any situation or scenario. This means that we have confident dogs in any situation rather than fearful or over-excited dogs. This bond comes into play when we face new situations and your dog knows how to look to us for guidance and we as their guardian know how to guide them through it. 

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