Wine Barrel Stave Table

Our wine barrel stave table is a must-have furniture piece. Made in USA.


A handsome table crafted of the recycled solid-oak staves from retired wine barrels—a barrel is discarded from vineyard use once it has exhausted its oaky wood flavor. However, the strength and usefulness of the wood will last another century or more. Each tabletop retains the distinctive vintner's marking and original cooperage imprints, so each piece of wine barrel furniture is unique. The wood is treated with a hand-rubbed penetrating stain and a sealer-sanded lacquer topcoat. The shelf of the larger table is made of reclaimed antique hardwood. The smaller size doesn't have a shelf. The Celts are credited with creating wooden barrels for transporting goods during the Iron Age; the French made them famous for aging wine. Today, they are used to make beautiful handcrafted, specialty furniture. Made in USA.

  • Small table (pictured left): 22"H x 18"D
  • Large table (pictured right): 28"H x 23"D

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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Singular beauty, created by nature

In keeping with Orvis’s sustainability goals, we work hard to source earth-friendly products crafted using environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. That’s why we love finding reclaimed wood furnishings and home accents to add to our Distinctive Home collection. Not only are they more environmentally friendly than those mass-produced from virgin wood, these pieces are distinctly more beautiful and interesting. A variety of furnishings are built of reclaimed barn boards, recycled wine barrels and abandoned fishing boats, assuring our customers that they are making socially responsible buying choices, while obtaining a piece of furniture that will last for years to come.

Barn Wood

Decades of rugged use and harsh conditions from wind, rain, snow, and sun infuse this reclaimed wood with deep patinas and natural signs of distress. Old paint and varnish is gradually stripped away, revealing rich inner grain and texture, bringing to light the singular beauty of each piece.  Each design has a captivating past. We have tables built from the wood used in the weathered barns, farmhouses, mills, factories, and warehouses long abandoned in the American landscape. Many of these antique buildings were constructed using first-growth trees, already centuries old and prized for their strength and beauty when they were harvested.

Wine Casks

Enduring favorites, the furnishings and home accents made from recycled wine barrels continue to delight our customers. Once it has exhausted its woodsy flavor, the solid-oak barrels are retired from the vineyard—hundreds of thousands each year, just in California!  These barrels are crafted from the lumber of centuries-old oaks, and while the lack of flavor may render them of disposable by the vineyard, the strength and usefulness of the wood will last conceivably another century or more. The unique curve of the barrel staves makes it ideally suited to any number of home accents and furnishings from a classic Lazy Susan to distinctive bar stools.

Old Fishing Boats

Among the exotic Indonesian islands of Bali, Java, Lombok, Sulawesi, and Kalimantan, old fishing boats lie beached along the shores. For decades, the iconic green, yellow, and blue wooden vessels made of ulin, teak, and intaran slipped among the archipelago isles hauling their catch onto sun-bleached decks. After 60-70 years, their time of use had run out, they become too expensive to repair, and their owners moved on to pilot sleeker, more modern crafts. These iconic native boats were abandoned to crumble and decay on the sand. Until recently. A new wave of environmentally conscious builders and designers have begun buying the lumber from these boats for use in furniture and home cabinetry. What could be more enchanting than living with furniture that evokes visions of floating spellbound on Indonesia’s tropical seas? 

The Lasting Allure of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

More and more, consumers are recognizing the wonderful value and history in furnishings made from reclaimed, recycled wood. Each piece is unique. Due to the natural differences in each piece of wood used in the construction, no two tables, chairs, benches, or cabinets will ever be exactly the same. Each heirloom-quality piece tells its own inimitable story while helping to preserve the rich past the furnishings recalls.

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