The Fall Lookbook

When we set out to answer the call of fall, we set our sights on Jillian Lukiwski, Jane Kim, and Dr. Amanda Bruegl. These three inspiring women embody the spirit and soul of the Orvis brand, choosing looks that blend cozy comfort, versatile style, and respect for the natural world around us.

Look One

We like to say that our 1856 Barn Coat deserves a hook in the mudroom—and for good reason. With its soft, washed canvas outer and pure cotton flannel lining, it's an easy and stylish choice for fall days. We love it paired with our Washed Indigo Shirt and Kut from the Kloth Skinny Jeans.

Amanda standing in the woods next to a waterfall
side view of Amanda wearing the Barn Coat
detailed close up of the Orvis Barn Coat

Look Two

Our updated River Road Jacket still sports waxed cotton from Halley Stevensons but gets new handwarmer pockets, a caped back, and a slightly longer cut for a more flattering fit. Add our Garment-Dyed Easy Crew Sweater and a pair of easy-wearing Everyday Chinos.

woman facing camera standing on a shoreline
woman sitting on shoreline
close up of water-resistant fabric

Look Three

Perfectly weighted, sumptuously soft, and refreshingly breathable, our Signature Merino Wool Cardigan could very well be the perfect fall layer. It complements just about anything, but it shines with a Multi Embroidered Denim shirt and our Canyonlands Felt Hat.

Jillian standing in front of her horse wearing orange cardigan
close up of embroidery on shirt
Jillian posing in the desert with the wind blowing her cardigan

Look Four

The silk for our Everyday Silk Shirt comes from farmers who practice regenerative farming, a holistic method that helps draw carbon out of the atmosphere while replenishing nutrients and biodiversity in the soil. Kut from the Kloth Skinny Jeans and our Farmington Stitched Belt make this look a standout.

Jillian posing in the desert
Jillian posing in the desert
close up of a patterned silk shirt

Look Five

Our all-new Field Fresh Jacket teams water-resistant waxed cotton with a wool-blend plaid body and eco-friendly MarinoWul+™ insulation for statement-making warmth. A Donegal Cable Crew Sweater and River Road Waxed Cotton Hat are perfect complements.

Amanda sitting on a stump in the forest
close up of jacket detail
Amanda looking down at something on the forest floor

Look Six

The days of cashmere being for “special occasions” are long gone. Utilizing lofty cashmere that's harvested from sustainably raised goats, our Garment-Dyed Cashmere sweaters are the definition of casual style. Just add a Barbour Classic Beadnell and a perfectly faded pair of Kut from the Kloth Boyfriend Jeans.

Jillian posing, showing the sweater under her jacket
Jillian posing with her hair blowing in the wind
close up of sweater

Look Seven

If you're looking for eco-friendly layering done right, our Recycled Sweater-Fleece Quarter-Zip Tunic is the answer; it helps divert post-consumer plastic from landfills and waterways. Layer it on, add a Recycled Drift Vest and Zero Limits Leggings, and get out there.

Jane jumping from rock to rock at the beach
close up of sweater fleece
Close up of Jane walking on rocks at the beach

Before you head out to explore our fall collection, we invite you to learn a little about Jane, Amanda, and Jillian, three individuals who exemplify the Orvis woman. And through their respect for nature, passion for adventure, and boundless creativity, strive to leave our planet a little better than they found it.

image of Jane Kim by the ocean

Jane Kim

Artist, Illustrator

Jane Kim wants you to love the beauty and wonder of nature as much as she does. Fine artist, scientific illustrator, and co-founder of Ink Dwell studio, Jane is on a mission to inspire people to appreciate and care for wildlife and their habitats one mural at a time. She’s also the creative behind Migrating Murals, a series of public artworks with a Land, Sky, and Sea theme that celebrates wild creatures on the migration corridors they share with people.

Homebase: San Francisco, California

Connect with Jane at inkdwell.com

Amanda Bruegl standing in the forest

Dr. Amanda Bruegl

Gynecologic Oncologist, Entrepeneur, Mentor

Passion is what fueled Dr. Amanda Bruegl on her path to being the first Native American Gynecologic Oncologist in the United States. Passion is what drives her commitment to improve the health of people in Native communities. And passion is what inspired her to launch Ginew, the first Native American-owned denim line, a brand that incorporates Ojibwe, Oneida, and Mohican elements to express a contemporary Native American voice.

Homebase: Portland, Oregon

Orvis Ambassador: Jillian Lukiwski

Jillian Lukiwski

Silversmith, Writer, Photographer

Jillian grew up in the four western provinces of Canada but found her truest sense of home in Idaho, where she and her husband run a small working farm. Drawing her inspiration from the natural spaces in which she abides, Jillian works as a silversmith, writer, and photographer, and her work proves her commitment to revealing the indelible spirit of the West. A horsewoman, gardener, fly fisher, and hunter, Jillian views herself as part of nature, as evident in her lifestyle, adventures, and creative process.

Homebase: Western Idaho

Connect with Jillian on Instagram.