Thanks to Mom

It’s been a life-changing year, and it’s moms who’ve kept us safe, sane, and cared for. Now, it’s time to celebrate her with meaning.

Young daughter sitting on mother's lap rowing a rowboat together.

To all the mothers: Thank you.

It’s a simple thought, but a sincere one. 

Thank you mothers for nurturing our communities when we needed care the most. Thank you for protecting us, for advocating for us, for supporting us, and for making sacrifices for us. Thank you for putting yourself at risk to help others and to help one another. Thank you for teaching us, caring for us, healing us, loving us, and reminding us of the joys that can be found in simple pleasures close to home.


You set the alarm for 4:30 am to work before the kids woke up each day and returned to your laptop after tuck-in each night. You opened your doors and filled up your once empty nest with anxious young adults (and their recently adopted, hardly trained dogs). You supported your sons and daughters and grandchildren over video chats, serving as a touchpoint of resilience, strength, and grace despite your own desperate desire to hug them, hold them, and be with them. You showed your children what makes their backyard magical, and you encouraged them to seek refuge in wilderness. You did it all for your families and your communities. And we thank you.


With gratitude,

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