Thanks to Mom

It’s been a life-changing year, and it’s moms who’ve kept us safe, sane, and cared for. Now, it’s time to celebrate her with meaning.

Smiling mom, Maureen Magill.

To all the mothers: Thank you.

It’s a simple thought, but a sincere one. 

Thank you mothers for nurturing our communities when we needed care the most. Thank you for protecting us, for advocating for us, for supporting us, and for making sacrifices for us. Thank you for putting yourself at risk to help others and to help one another. Thank you for teaching us, caring for us, healing us, loving us, and reminding us of the joys that can be found in simple pleasures close to home.


You set the alarm for 4:30 am to work before the kids woke up each day and returned to your laptop after tuck-in each night. You opened your doors and filled up your once empty nest with anxious young adults (and their recently adopted, hardly trained dogs). You supported your sons and daughters and grandchildren over video chats, serving as a touchpoint of resilience, strength, and grace despite your own desperate desire to hug them, hold them, and be with them. You showed your children what makes their backyard magical, and you encouraged them to seek refuge in wilderness. You did it all for your families and your communities. And we thank you.


With gratitude,

The Orvis Family

Gifts for the Outdoors-Obsessed Mom

Her life revolves around adventure. She’s always ready for an unplanned exploration into the woods, a quick trip to the stream, or an impromptu weekend backpacking new territory. She runs trails at sunrise and uses her lunch break for a bonus hour outdoors with the dog. She lives for the weekend. She taught you to love nature, to respect it, and to protect it. Celebrate her adventurous spirit with a gift that helps her enjoy her life outdoors


Trout Unlimited Alaska Program Director and mother of two young children, Nelli Williams, is up with the sun and ready to seek adventure every day. Whether it’s fishing, mountain biking, or exploring the neighborhood, time outdoors is as much of a priority and way of life for her kids as it is for her. Read Nelli’s story.

Gifts for the Mom Who’s Got Grit

The mom who is always doing—working, creating, exploring. She’s shown you what it means to give something your all and never shy away from new experiences. She taught you the value of hard work, and the importance of prioritizing time for play. Her hobbies aren’t pastimes but hardcore passions, and she doesn’t waste time with anything that doesn’t inspire her. When shopping for a mom with high standards for quality and style and a deep appreciation for problem-solving performance pieces, shop with purpose.


Mother of two children under two, Ashely Smith is intentional when it comes to carving out time for the outdoors. As a tax and estate planning attorney in Atlanta, an activist, and the co-founder of the Minority Outdoor Alliance, Ashley gives everything her all—including providing opportunities for her children to unplug, recharge, and feel free in nature. Read Ashley’s story.

Gifts for the Mom Who Lives in the Moment

She values connection above all things—connection to nature, to friends, to community, and (most importantly) to family. She fearlessly opens herself up to new opportunities in which she may learn and grow, and she is eager to share her knowledge and experience with others. Generous of spirit, her positive energy is contagious, and her balanced perspective is a constant inspiration. She loves products designed for durability and guaranteed comfort.


Alberta native and mother of two adult children, Maureen has years of experience raising a family, pursuing a career in healthcare, and making sure her own cup stays full. Through all the different phases of motherhood, she has focused on living in the moment and maintaining an active, adventurous, and playful life. Read Maureen’s story.