Gun Dogs

Hunting dog getting a collar on before a hunt
A tiny golden puppy sleeping on their bed

How to Pick a Bird Dog Puppy

Picking a bird dog puppy is among the most exciting benchmarks in the life of a hunter.

When considering a pup you will, and should, find yourself wondering how to determine which pup will hunt, which one will have the physical features you want in a dog, or which one will, in the end, prefer to lie on the couch rather than find, flush, and retrieve birds? These nagging uncertainties can rob the joy from what should be a special time in the life bird dog and owner.

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A person putting a tick collar on their dog

Tick Safety for Dogs

Your best weapon is prevention. 

Ticks are a delicacy—for Guinea Hens. But dogs are a delicacy for ticks. The tiny arachnids are known to carry at least ten different vector-borne diseases, often more than one at a time, which can lead to co-infections that complicate diagnosis as well as treatment. And it only takes one bite. Fortunately, if caught early, treatments can be effective. Still, your best weapon is prevention. Here's everything you need to know.

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