Join Orvis for Permit Palooza, a group fly-fishing trip to Belize at Blue Horizon Lodge.

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Permit Palooza With Blue Horizon At Blue Horizon Lodge

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DATES: September 24 - 29, 2022

LENGTH OF TRIP: 5 nights, 4 days of guided fishing

PRICING: From $3,495 per angler

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The Story

Join Orvis for Permit Palooza, a group fly-fishing trip to Belize at Blue Horizon Lodge. Founded by legendary fishing guide Lincoln Westby, Blue Horizon and its team of fishing guides are considered to be the authority on fly fishing the flats of Central and Southern Belize.

Blue Horizon operates inside the protection of the Belize Barrier Reef, the epicenter of the finest flats in the world. We fish daily around a chain of small cayes from north of Dangriga to south of Placencia. Miles of undisturbed flats abound, increasing your chances of success at catching the elusive permit, and possibly even hitting the grand slam: permit, tarpon, and bonefish in a single day. Other targets such as barracuda, snook, jack crevalle, bonito, and mackerel are abundant.

DATES: September 24 - 29, 2022

LENGTH OF TRIP: 5 nights, 4 days of guided fishing

PRICING: From $3,495 per angler, shared room/shared boat

Additional pricing:
Private Room/Shared Boat - $4,195
Private Room/Private Boat - $5,350

PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE LOCAL FLIGHTS - $195 Round trip per person

What is included?

  • Accommodations in a Oceanfront Cabana or Overwater Bungalow
  • 4 full days of fly fishing
  • Access to premium Orvis outfits for use during your stay
  • 3 meals a day plus afternoon snack
  • Local alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Boat transfer to and from the island
  • Use of island toys (kayak, paddle boards, snorkel gear, and catamaran) - WiFi
  • Marine fee and taxes

How many people are on this trip?

This trip is limited to 8 anglers. There is space for non-anglers as well.

Meals and Dining:

Belize is known for a wide variety of delightful and savory fare, influenced by the diverse Caribbean culture. Our culinary program incorporates traditional Belizean ‘home cooking’ with bold flare of modern cuisine. Meals are served both family-style and plated, and will never leave you asking for more. We capitalize on our closeness to the ocean as the foundation to the menu. Seafood of all types is served, along with fresh produce, meats, and forage from Muy’Ono Farms on the mainland. A few of the highlighted dishes are Seafood Serre, traditional Sunday dinners, conch fritters, ceviche, grilled lobster, and homemade desserts. 

Breakfasts are served continental style, so anglers can come and enjoy at their convenience. Self-serve coffee is available starting at 5 am each morning, with the breakfast buffet opened shortly after. Breakfast consists of coffee or tea, fruit juice, fresh tropical fruits, pastry, muffin or sweet bread, and a savory option of quiche, stuffed fry jacks, or other to go breakfast items. Depending on the best times for fishing, your guides will be ready to depart as early as 6 am (sometimes earlier). Lunch is served on the island when low tides occur mid-day. During a mid-day high tide, you’ll take lunch to go and enjoy it on the boat. Dinner is a three course experience, starting with appetizers, followed by the main course and finished off with a fresh, homemade dessert.

Skill levels/Experience:

This trip is recommended for fly anglers with some previous experience in Saltwater flats fishing. Permit can be incredibly difficult to catch, and while this trip is open to anglers of all abilities, we do not consider it the best option for those new to Saltwater fly fishing.

What am I responsible For?

  • International flight
  • In-country transfers
  • Upgrades for different types of accommodations
  • Extra tours
  • Gratuity
  • In-country transfer cost: Thatch Caye (Island Property)- $195/person round trip commuter flight from BZE to Dangriga

How strenuous are the activities?

Not Strenuous.

Is this a child friendly trip?

Children are permitted at Thatch Caye Lodge. Parents should use their discretion regarding their children's level of maturity and patience if they will be joining the trip as an angler.

When is the best time to visit?

Belize is a tropical country where the average temperature is in the 80s year-round. This means we fish year-round and the fish are active all the time. The busy season coincides with the dry season from late November to May. The traditional prime time to fish in Belize is from February through May, but our guides fish 365 days a year. Our guides favorite times to fish are June, July, and August. What remains more important for anglers chasing flats fish is coming out at the right tides. The tide cycles coincide with the moon cycle and we generally recommend fishing around the new and full moon. Our guides are experts at knowing when fish will show up at each flat. So no need to worry about figuring out the tides, the team at Blue Horizon can assist you in this.

Where is Blue Horizon Lodge located?

In Belize, a “caye” (pronounced key) is an island. There are different spellings, most commonly Caye or Cay. Blue Horizon Lodge is located on North East Caye. The original island our head guide, Lincoln Westby, settled and developed over 20 years ago. He chose the island because of its proximity to the best permit, tarpon, and bonefish flats. Our lodge is the most central location for accessing the prime flats of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve. 

You can look up our island on Google Earth using these coordinates: Latitude: 16°41’17.57"N  Longitude: 88°11’13.58”W

How do I get to Blue Horizon Lodge?

We recommend all guests fly into Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport in Belize City as it is just a short non-stop flight away from many North American cities. A valid passport is required to enter Belize. Once in country travel is made easy by frequent commuter flights throughout the country of Belize. We recommend landing in Belize City no later than 3:00 PM in order to plan for a smooth connection on a commuter flight to your final destination. You can also check this link.

What do I need at the Lodge?

Once you book, we will send out a full list of what we suggest to bring. Or you can see it here.

What’s the currency used in Belize?

U.S. currency is easily used in Belize at a rate of $2 BZD for $1 USD, and you do not need to exchange money before leaving home. Large US bills ($50's and $100's) can be difficult to break, and we suggest that you bring smaller bills. We also recommend clean, crisp, or new bills for hassle free use during your travels in Belize. Other currencies should be exchanged for Belizean dollars (BZD) or US dollars (USD) prior to traveling to Belize. Blue Horizon Fishing accepts most major credit cards. Most major credit cards are accepted throughout Belize. Blue Horizon guides and staff accept tips in USD.

What language do the guides speak?

The official language of Belize is English, but many other languages are spoken in the country.

How is the Lodge powered?

Blue Horizon Lodge is powered by solar, wind, and diesel generators. Normal US standard power plugs will work in the outlets in the rooms and lodge.

Does the Lodge have Internet?

Blue Horizon Lodge has wireless internet access covering the majority of the property. Your room and the main lodge are 100% covered. Cellular service is limited, but available to most US carriers.

How do you leave tips?

Tipping is at your discretion and should relate directly to the level of service you receive. We are often asked about customary tipping, so we offer the following suggestions. Tips should be paid in cash and we suggest that all tipping be done at the end of your visit.

Fishing Guides - All gratuities to the guides should be given directly to the guide. We recommend tipping your fishing guide $100.00-120.00 USD per day ($50-60 per angler per day for 2 anglers in the boat). If you are part of a multi-boat group, we suggest tipping at the end of each day. If you are scheduled to fish with the same guide each day of your stay, please feel free to tip anytime during your stay. One important note: the guides often depart for home shortly after completion of the fishing day on the final day of your trip, so don’t forget to tip your guide before he departs for home. 

Lodge Staff - Our lodge staff is integral to the enjoyment of your stay at Blue Horizon Lodge. Even if you don’t see them during your stay, they are there to ensure the lodge is operating at the highest standards. We recommend tipping the lodge staff $20-25 USD per guest per night of your stay (ex: 7 Nights / 6 Days of fishing = $140-175 per guest). Staff tips should be given to the lodge manager to distribute the tips equally to the staff.

Are non-fishing tours available?

We can help arrange tours for many points of interest in Belize either before or after your stay. These arrangements are best made prior to your arrival in Belize, with the reservation office or through your booking agent.

Typical Weather:

Throughout the year, air temperatures usually range from 80 to 95 degrees (average 84 degrees). Water temperatures are 79 to 80 degrees in the winter and 80 to 84 degrees in the summer. Our resorts on the main land will tend to have a 5-10 degree increase in temperature as you venture away from the coast line.

Rain can happen anytime of the year and will be more common at our main land resorts. The rainy season typically spans from late May through September. June through early October is the most common time frame for a hurricane or tropical storm to pass through.

What to bring?

We recommend you are prepared with plenty of sunscreen, sun glasses, hats and other sun protection. Please bring closed toed wading boots durable enough for walking on the sharp corral.

Gear Recommendations:

Your Orvis Trip Host will have an appropriate rod/reel/line outfit for any guest needing to borrow one for use during the trip. If you already have or will be purchasing your own, we recommend the following by species.

Recommended Permit Tackle

Rods: 9 or 10 weight
Reel : Saltwater reel holding a minimum of 200 yards of 20 pound backing
Fly Line : Weight forward Floating
Leader : 9-12 feet
Tippet : 1X - 0X (12-20#)
Flies : #4 to 1/0
Recommended Tarpon Tackle

Rods: 11 or 12 weight
Reel : Saltwater reel holding a minimum of 200 yards of 30 pound backing
Fly Line : Intermediate or sink tip
Leader : 4 - 6 ft. butt section, 16 - 20 pound class tippet and 60 - 100 pound shock tippet. Alternatively, a straight, untapered length of 60-100# fluorocarbon may be used depending on the size of fish targeted.
Flies : Size 3/0 to 4/0
Recommended Bonefish Tackle

Rods: 7 or 8 weight
Reel: Saltwater reel holding at least 200 yards of 20 pound backing
Fly Line: Weight forward floating line
Leader: 9-14 feet - depending upon the fishing situation
Tippet: 2X-0X - Fluorocarbon offers an advantage

Flies: Please arrive with a selection of flies. We recommend 4-6 of each pattern.

Permit Flies

Bauer’s Crab - Olive and Tan size 4 and 6
Camo Crab - Olive size 4 and 6
Del Brown's Permit Fly (Merkin) - Tan size #2 to 1/0 Enrico Puglisi's EP Crab - Olive, Tan, Tri, size 6, 4, 2 Various other Crab patterns in olive or tan - size 6-1/0 Smaller, lighter variations for the shallow flats
Bonefish Flies

Pops' Bonefish Bitters, #6 and #8 (Olive and Amber)
Pops' Egghead Bitters, #6 and #8 (Olive and Amber)
Crazy Charlies - chartreuse, white, pink & brown (unweighted for outer flats) Gotcha, #6 and #8
Tarpon Flies

Apte-style tarpon flies in various color combinations. Dark colors tend to be better in the early morning and brighter colors work best when the sun is bright.
Deceiver patterns - various colors
EP - Peanut style flies - various colors
All tarpon flies in sizes 3/0 to 4/0

Day 1:
Upon arrival in Dangriga after a short, scenic flight over the coastline of Belize, you will be met by a Blue Horizon Lodge representative who will transfer you to the marina, then by boat to the Island. Your Orvis host will greet you there and help you gear up for the fishing days ahead while you settle in to island life. There are wadeable flats around Blue Horizon Lodge, so you are free to explore and do some DIY fishing at your leisure.

Days 2-5:
Fly Fishing for the elusive Permit. After a full breakfast, anglers hop in custom Panga skiffs and head out to the flats. Good fishing can be had within 5 minutes from Blue Horizon Lodge, and the seemingly limitless "pancake flats" extend in every direction from there. You'll spend each fishing day exploring the most productive areas based on conditions, while learning more about what it takes to target Permit on the fly from some of the most experienced guides in the region.

After each fishing day, guests will return to Blue Horizon Lodge with plenty of time to relax before dinne. Members of the group will dine together at a common table, sharing stories from the day as new friendships emerge.

Day 6:
Guests will be transferred by boat from the island back to Dangriga to catch a short flight back to Belize City. Departure time will be based on your international flight home.

The newly renovated Blue Horizon Lodge is situated on a 7-acre island, locally known as Northeast Caye. The waterfront lodge is perfectly located in the heart of “Permit Alley”, the most productive permit flats in Belize. The intimate Blue Horizon Lodge is ideal for all vacationing anglers.

Blue Horizon Lodge officially re-opened in the fall of 2020. The new lodge features many of the original buildings with a fresh redesign that incorporates the modern comforts this generation of traveling anglers has come enjoy and expect. The goal of the redesign was to create an atmosphere that honors the heritage of Lincoln Westby’s original lodge, while rejuvenating it with contemporary luxury elements. During reconstruction, much of the old lodge and guest cabins were salvaged and have been incorporated into new furniture, accents elements, and decor of the lodge and guest rooms. For those anglers who visited Blue Horizon Lodge in the 1990’s, there is no doubt you’ll recognize the remnants of the old lodge and you will certainly savor the updated and greatly improved accommodations.

The five guests cabanas, for a maximum capacity for 10 anglers, have been completely refurbished and deliver a surprising level of sophistication for such a remote location. Each room is furnished with two full size beds and a private bathroom, complete with on demand hot water showers. Air conditioning is standard in all of the rooms, giving guests the option of enjoying the ocean breeze or a controlled climate. Rod racks, shelving, and hangers will help you organize your gear during your stay.

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