Father’s Day Presence

Simon Perkins and his small daughter release a small fish back into a rocky stream.
Photos by Els Van Woert

Orvis President Simon Perkins and daughter, Pippa in Southern Vermont

“Teaching and encouraging your kids to fly fish can be a tricky balance at times. You have this passion that means so much to you and has for your entire life. And you want them to be able to experience the same joy that has made your life so rich and meaningful. At the same time, this is theirs, not yours. You don’t want to be too heavy handed or ruin the purity that comes with them discovering their own relationship with the water, the fishery, the fish, and with fly fishing. But if you're patient and allow yourself to be lucky—two things that any practiced angler knows—the moment will present itself where your child experiences it through their eyes, on their terms, through their mistakes and successes, and you can sit there and be so thankful for the opportunity to be a helpful spectator as they begin to form a true connection with the outdoors.”

—Simon Perkins. Father first. Fly angler, upland devotee, and president of Orvis second.

Simon Perkins helps his daughter, Pippa, as she stands on a rock casting into the river
Simon holds a fishing net for a curious Pippa to explore
Simon gives an excited Pippa a high five!

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