A yellow Labrador Retriever asleep on a khaki bolstered dog bed inside a living room.

Gear & Product Care

There’s a vast variety of innovative products and gear designed to make life with your dog even better. From furniture protection, toys, and gates to products that help your dog navigate the ups and downs of daily life, we’re here with the intel you need.

Two dogs sitting on living room furniture with furniture protectors

Gear & Product Care

How to Protect Furniture from Dogs

If you have the great fortune of sharing your life with a canine you know it’s not always easy to keep them off sofas, chairs, and beds. It’s soft,...
A bolster bed graphic that shows the inside layers of the bed


The World’s Most Innovative Dog Beds

A well-made and expertly designed dog bed will help your dog get the rest they need. And you won’t find a better bed than an Orvis dog bed. We’ve...
A multi-colored dog sleeping on the floor surrounded by toys

Gear & Product Care

How to Choose Safe Toys for Your Dog

For your dog, goofing off is serious business. Toys help stave off boredom, provide comfort, can be a tool for training, and help prevent problem...
A border collie sitting in a green room looking through a white gate

Gear & Product Care

Indoor Dog Gates: Creating Dog-Safe Zones

Whether training a puppy, separating dogs, or just carving out space for pups and people, an indoor dog gate can be an essential tool for crowd...
A golden retriever snuggles into a bolstered dog bed under a dog blanket


Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed

Every dog needs a den. It’s primal and it’s undeniable: a dog needs a safe, secure place to call their own. And they need a space to retreat, rest,...
A dog wearing a pack on a hike with a woman on a mountainside

Dog Training

How to Train Your Dog to Wear a Pack

Training your dog to wear a pack is simple as training them to wear a dog harness, and most domestic dogs quickly take a shine to it—we’ve been...
Charley Perkins standing in a laundry room showing how to wash a dog bed

Gear & Product Care

How to Wash Your Orvis Dog Bed

At Orvis, we understand that your best friend needs a clean, comfortable place to rest in between all your adventures. Orvis dog beds are made of...
Yellow lab asleep on an Orvis bolster dog bed in a warm bedroom

Gear & Product Care

How to Choose a Dog Bed

A dog bed provides a calming retreat that’s all their own as well as a place to sleep. Orvis is dedicated to every dog having the perfect bed for...
An alert yellow Labrador Retriever wearing a buffalo check dog jacket

Gear & Product Care

How to Choose a Dog Jacket

Consult our guidelines to learn how to choose a dog jacket. We explain when and when not to put a jacket on your dog, how to measure your dog for a...
Two dogs jumping off a deck into a lake

Gear & Product Care

Nylon Vs. Leather Dog Collars

Is a nylon dog collar better than a leather one? There’s more to this decision than you might guess, but we’ve distilled what you need to know into a...
A man wearing waders standing by the back of his truck with his black dog peeking out of a gray travel crate

Traveling with Dogs

How & Why to Restrain Your Dog in the Car

From summiting peaks to days on the water, our dogs are always up for the ride, and it’s our job to make sure they’re protected along the way....

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