Packing Tips

An assortment of gear laid out to pack in a dufflebag

Whether you're traveling to the Spanish Pyrenees or the white sand beaches of the Bahamas, what you pack can make or break a trip. Check out our guides below for tips and tricks to make your trip the perfect adventure that you'll never forget.

An angler casting a fly rod in Alaska

Fly fishing in Alaska: What to pack

You need to be prepared for changing weather conditions, and that means layers.

Alaska weather during fishing season can be cold and blustery in the 40s, to sunny and mild in the high 60s and precipitation is pretty prevalent and quick to appear and disappear.

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People paddle in kayaks on calm water in Alaska

What to pack for your Alaskan adventure cruise

The key to packing for your small ship adventure cruise in Alaska is expecting the best but preparing for the worst.

And to further refine this bit of wisdom, think in “peelable” layers: start with a warm base layer, pile on fleece mid layers, and finish with a waterproof and breathable outer shell. Temperatures can be downright cold in the middle of summer, or chilly in the morning but warm considerably as the day wears on. 

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Hiker on mountain overlooks Patagonia

What to pack for your Patagonia adventure

Pack light for adventure travel to Patagonia, but pack smart.

Layers rule the day in a region where you can experience sweltering heat, rain, and winds reaching 100 mph in a single 24-hour stretch. Because of the vast expanse of Patagonia’s 400,000 square miles, precisely what you put in your suitcase depends in part on where you plan to go specifically.

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Tourists enjoying a roadside bar in Belize

Visiting Belize–what to pack?

You will need protection from the sun while you’re in Belize, and perhaps a layer to keep the chill out in the evening.

Belize’s tropical climate is comfortable year round and the culture relaxed, which means you need to bring only casual, lightweight clothing. If you’re planning an active adventure vacation, you will want to bring specific technical clothing, footwear, and any accessories you can’t live without. The same goes for fishing and other gear, though you can likely source what you need from local guides or your host resort if you would rather travel light.

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An aerial view of Bahamian waterways

Visiting the Bahamas–what to pack?

Only a few items are absolute necessities for a typical trip to the Bahamas.

The weather in the Bahamas is so balmy and dry most of the year that packing light is a breeze. Only a few items are absolute necessities for a typical trip to the Bahamas . As gray skies are rare, sun protection is a must. A few pieces of travel-ready linen clothing will keep you cool through the hottest hours of the day and look great when you head out for dinner in the evenings.

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A hiker with a backpack and her dog in the mountains

How to pack light: Tips for travels near and far

Lighten your load and your spirit for the journey ahead.

Packing light is a skill well worth learning whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a trip around the world. Once you’ve mastered the fine art of keeping it light, you can set off on all your future adventures knowing you have the essentials you need, room to spare for a found treasure or two, and without feeling the least bit laden down on your journey.

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