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Mossy Pond Retrievers, LLC., GA


Mossy Pond Retrievers has a brand new lodge and dining hall located in beautiful South Georgia, on a 500-acre plantation nestled among whistling pines, peanuts fields, corn fields, and millet fields. The 7,900 square foot lodge which sleeps 10 oversees one of our eight training ponds that you can go upland quail hunting or pheasant hunt with your retriever with one of our professional trainers. While the dog is resting you can shoot five stand on our seven machine lighted skeet, trap, and five stand range to improve your wingshooting. Mossy Pond has simulated ponds for duck hunting in timber, flooded fields, pit blinds, and skid blinds. We also have fields planted for simulated dove hunts, upland quail, and pheasant hunts.

Our puppy program

Mossy Pond Retrievers likes to acquire puppies for their puppy program at 12 weeks of age and it lasts from 12 weeks to 24 weeks. At 6 months of age, we start our basic obedience and gun dog program. Mossy Pond Retrievers has found that the younger the puppies are when they start training the better they learn.

Our started dog program

Mossy Pond Retrievers requires dogs to be six months of age to enter our started dog program whether they have been in the puppy program or not. It is a 4 to 6 month program ideally. When the dog completes the program and is ready to go home, he will have accomplished all the basic training and obedience needs: such as sit, here, down, fetch, hold, give, place, shake, kennel, and quiet. The dogs will be crate trained and steady to wing and shot. They will be honoring other dogs and they will be taught to deliver to hand. They will be socialized to duck boats, dog stands, pit blinds, skid blinds, gunfire, live birds, pigeons, quail, pheasants, and ducks. They will be socialized to different types of terrain such as light cover, medium cover, and heavy cover in land and water. They will also be house broken or kennel broken.

Our finished dog program

Our finished dog program consists of everything in the started dog program as well as learning multiple marks and greater distance on marks. These dogs will be trained to sit on the whistle, and follow hand signals to recover game that they didn't see (a blind retrieve). These dogs will be socialized in several different environments on the road with Team MPR: hunt tests, field trials, and super retriever series. These dogs will also be hunted by our trainers to assure they will be able to perform in the field. On both our started and finished programs, we will have the owners stay at Mossy Pond Lodge and learn exactly how to operate these dogs in the hunting atmosphere. Mossy Pond Lodge also offers quail, pheasant, and duck hunts for our dog clients.

What is provided in training?

In training your dog will be staying in a 4,500 square foot climate controlled kennel. Mossy Pond has eight different bodies of water for waterfowl training and competition training. We have over 500 acres onsite of fields, timber and different terrains to better socialize your dog for hunting. Mossy Pond has four professional trainers onsite at all times to make sure that you dog is worked two to three times a day, six days a week. Mossy Pond has all the latest equipment in the dog training world to better train your dog.

What do you need to send with your dog?

Veterinarian history paperwork is required. The dog's pedigree and our forms signed on the Mossy Pond website are also necessary. Other than that everything is included in your training.

Specific breeds we train

We specialize in any retriever breeds.

Dog evaluation period

Mossy Pond will evaluate your dog in the first month and be able to tell you if your dog is a candidate for our program. If not, all money is refunded and Mossy Pond will help you find an animal that can perform to meet your specifications.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is my dog doing?
Owners miss their animal while staying at Mossy Pond and we take special pride in having a personal relationship with the dog owner and letting them know weekly how and what their dog is doing.

Will my dog respond to me the way he responds to you?
At Mossy Pond we have four professional trainers that will take part in training your retriever. This insures your retriever will be accustomed to working for different people and he will transfer over easily to the owner. We also make it mandatory for a 5- to 10-session training period with one-on-one training with MPR’s trainer, the owner, and the dog in real live hunting scenarios.


Mossy Pond Retrievers, LLC
Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Trainer
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